America’s Forgotten Gilded Age Painter

Welcome to the website devoted to one of America's foremost Gilded Age and Progressive Era artists, Adolfo Muller-Ury.

The aim of this website is to encourage research and interest in Muller-Ury’s career and to document his paintings. Within a few years of arriving in New York he had been dubbed by the press of the time ‘Painter to the 400’, that is to the elite of New York high society in the 1890s, but his career over six decades also saw him transfer to canvas the features of prominent people in society, politics, banking, business, industry, the arts, not just in New York but all over North America, and also in Europe where he painted several Popes, many religious, aristocrats and other contemporaries including the German Kaiser. In the 1920s he moved to California, a pioneering step, and developed a bold and often daring impressionistic style of still life painting.

The editor of this site is preparing a full biography for future publication. He would be grateful if anyone who possesses a picture, photographs or other documentation for the artist’s career would make it available to him in confidence.

The copyright of Muller-Ury’s work expired in July 2017, and therefore the copyright of located pictures by the artist in the present online catalogue (which follows the biographical section) belongs to the present owners. Because so many of Muller-Ury’s works remain unlocated, it has been necessary to reproduce – with permission – photographs from the artist’s papers in the Muller-Ury Stiftung in Hospental, Switzerland; unfortunately, many of these photographs, by some of the famous photographers of works of art working in Muller-Ury’s lifetime – such as Ferd. Stark, Mary Hopson, Anderson, and Peter Juley – are brittle, faded or damaged. Similarly, the editor has thought it better to reproduce photographs of varying quality here (some of which are little more than old snaps provided to the editor by their owners over the last thirty years) in order to provide as complete a record of the artist’s work as possible.

It is hoped that many of the present owners of the artist’s works will contact the editor, provide him with details, documentation or other valuable information, and perhaps make
available professional colour reproductions for inclusion on this website.


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