A ticket stub from Muller-Ury’s final exhibition. Courtesy of Mr Theodore Bigelow.

This list, which is certainly not exhaustive, includes all those pictures exhibited during the artist’s lifetime, but also includes the few exhibitions since 1947 where an example of his work was included and are known to the editor.

Where there are square brackets in this list, it means the source is from a magazine or newspaper review or other documentation; but where a handlist is known, as with the exhibitions at KRAUSHAAR (1901), KNOEDLER (1906, 1908, 1913), DUVEEN (1925), WILDENSTEIN (1937) and FRENCH & CO (1947), the picture titles will not have square brackets.

It should be noted that, whilst every effort has been undertaken by the editor to identify pictures in Muller-Ury’s exhibition handlists and to account for these in the catalogue, there are quite a number in the lists identified only by their initials or by descriptive titles.


1884, Schweizerisches Kunstaustellung, Berne.

[Idylle or Idylle am Meer (No. 57)]

1884, 23 May-15 June, Schweizerisches Kunstaustellung, Lausanne, Musée Arlaud

No. 200:  Idylle, Fr. 900.

1884, 22 June-13 July, Schweizerisches Kunstausstellung, Aarau

No. 37: Idyll, Fr. 900.

1884, 5 September-16 October, Schweizerisches Kunstausstellung, St. Gallen

No. 37: Idyll, Fr. 900.

1886, SCHAUS’S ART GALLERY, 204 5th Avenue, (at Madison Square) New York.

His Eminence Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore

1888, c. March 18th – c. April 18th, KUNSTMUSEUM, Berne

[Herr Bundesrath Hammer (Vice-president of Switzerland)]

[Alpenrose und Edelweiss]

[Madonna & Child]

[The Artist’s Father: Alois Muller-Lombardi]

1888, 13th May-3rd June, Schweizerisches Kunstausstellung, Lucerne

No. 249: Porträt des Hrn. Bundesrath Ruchonnet

1888, 10th June-1st July, Schweizerisches Kunstausstellung, Aarau

No. 194: Porträt des Hrn. Bundesrath Ruchonnet


1888, 8th-29th July, Exposition de la Société Suisse des Beaux-Arts, La Grenette à Lausanne

No. 194: Portrait de M. Ruchonnet, conseiller federal.

1888, 5th August-?, Schweizerisches Kunstausstellung, Solothurn

No. 194: Porträt des Hrn. Bundesrath Ruchonnet

[This was apparently the first National Art Exhibition of Pictures by Swiss Artists, and travelled apparently also to Berne, Herisau, Basel and Geneva into 1889]


[Madonna & Child]

[Alpenrose und Edelweiss]

1889, National Academy of Design, New York.

[No.105: In the Dark Continent ($900.00)]

1889, May/June, MYERS & HEDIAN, North Charles Street, Baltimore

[Mrs. George Reuling]

1889, May 5th – November 5th, EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE, Paris

[Herr Bundesrath Louis Ruchonnet (President of Switzerland)]

1890, April, National Academy of Design, New York.

[No. 162: Mrs. Nina O’Donnell]

1890, PARIS SALON, Galerie des Artistes-Modernes, rue de la Paix, 5

Portrait de M. Chauncey M. Depero [Depew] (No. 1762)

1891, February, Messrs. M. KNOEDLER & CO., 170, Fifth Avenue, New York.

[The Hon. Chauncey M. Depew]

1892, January 12th & 13th, A. Muller-Ury’s Studio, 58, West 57th Street, New York.

Hon. Chauncey M. Depew

His Eminence Cardinal Gibbons

[Mrs. Theodore Havemeyer]

[Capt. Gilbert Wiltze]

[Miss Benziger]

[Master J. J. Seligman]

(A printed invitation for this display survives in the Stiftung Adolfo Muller-Ury, Hospental, Switzerland.)


1892, Second National Art Exhibition of Pictures by Swiss Artists, Berne

[Alpenrose und Edelweiss]

[Madonna and Child]

[Parents-in-law of ex-Federal Counsellor Hammer – Herr und Frau Fröhlicher]

1894, February 1st – 15th, MESSRS. M. KNOEDLER & CO., 170, Fifth Avenue (corner Twenty-second Street), New York

[Monsignor Satolli]

[Mrs. Perry Tiffany]

[Mrs. H. Chatfield-Taylor]

[Mr. John (actually James) Constable]

[A baby from the Wasserman family]

[A sketch of a girl in dark fur]

(And presumably one or two more)

1894, November 1st – 22nd, NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN, New York, ‘Loan Exhibition of Portraits of Women’ 

[Mrs. Theodore Havemeyer]

[Mrs. Hobart C. Chatfield-Taylor]

[Mrs. Chauncey M. Depew]

[Mrs. George de Forest]

1894, December, THE CORCORAN GALLERY OF ART, Washington D.C.

[Monsignor Francis Satolli]

1895, January, MESSRS. M. KNOEDLER & Co., 170, Fifth Avenue (corner Twenty-second Street), New York.

[Mrs. Chatfield-Taylor]

[Archbishop Ireland]

1895, October 31st – December 7th, NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN, New York, ‘Loan Exhibition of Portraits’

[221: Mrs. Wm. F. King. Lent by William F. King. Esq.]

[222: Chauncey M. Depew. Lent by Chauncey M. Depew.]

[223: Miss Mildred Townsend. Lent By James Bliss Townsend]

1896, end of January, MESSRS. M. KNOEDLER & Co., 170, Fifth Avenue (corner Twenty-second Street), New York.

[According to the New York Sun, Friday, January 31, Muller-Ury exhibited ‘portraits and flower pieces.’]

1896, March/April, NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN, New York.

[No. 328: Portrait of Mrs. Theodore Sutro (Mrs. Theodore Sutro)]

1896, March, THE CORCORAN GALLERY OF ART, Washington D.C.

[General Grant]

1897, March 1–15 – DURAND-RUEL GALLERIES, 389, Fifth Avenue, New York

Mrs. Jefferson Davis

Mrs. Charles Oelrichs

Miss Hoffman

General U. S. Grant

Hon. Chauncey M. Depew

Mr. Theodore Havemeyer  (…and other prominent  people)

[Judge Daly]

[Mrs. J. Lee Tailer]

[Dr. Clement Cleveland]

[Mme. Calve]

[M. Plancon]

[Full-length Female Nude]

[Boy with fair hair in Blue Suit]


[Miss Hoffman as the Madonna]

[Mrs. Theodore Havemeyer]

[This one man show, followed an exhibition of works by Camille Pissarro and preceded one of works by Auguste Renoir. Town Topics, in a review dated March 18th, 1897, added to the list of sitters Mrs. Berry Wall, Mrs. Chatfield-Taylor and Mgr. Satolli – but these are not mentioned in the review in the New York Times dated March 2nd, 1897, which indicates that some 15 canvases were exhibited.]

1898, March – April, SCHAUS’S ART GALLERY, New York

[Mrs. Francesco Terry]

[Miss Terry]

1898-99, December – January 17th, NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN, New York, ‘Loan Exhibition of Portraits’

[Miss Emily Hoffman]

1900, EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE, Paris, U.S. Pavilion

[President McKinley]

1901, January 5th – 19th, C.W. KRAUSHAAR ART GALLERIES, 260, Fifth Avenue (between 28th & 29th Streets), New York

Miss Oelrichs

Miss Leishman

President McKinley

Adjutant-General Corbin

Oswald Ottendorfer

James J. Hill

H.B. Wertheim

Lord Strathcona


American Beauties



1901, September – October, PAN-AMERICAN EXPOSITION, Buffalo, New York

Exhibition of Fine Arts:

Pensive (No. 598, Gallery I)


War Department Exhibit:

[Major General Corbin]

1901, December, M. KNOEDLER & CO., New York.

[The Late President William McKinley]

[Miss Pfizer]

[Miss Stehli]

[Miss Pratt]

[Hon. Chauncey M. Depew]

[Mr. de Corti]

[Madonna and Child]

1901-02, December 1st, 1901 – June 1st, 1902 , SOUTH CAROLINA INTER-STATE AND WEST INDIAN EXPOSITION, Charleston, South Carolina

No. 168 Miss Lily Oelrichs

No. 233 Hon. Senator Chauncey M Depew

1902, January & June, THE CORCORAN GALLERY OF ART, Washington D.C.

[President McKinley]

(Both times the standing version)

1902, NATIONAL ARTS CLUB, New York, ‘Portraits and Ideal Heads’.

(It is not known presently which pictures the artist exhibited here.)

1903, January 5–19, NOE ART GALLERIES, 368, Fifth Avenue (between 34th & 35th Streets), New York.

[President McKinley]

[James J. Hill]

[Lillian Russell]

[Colonel W.D. Mann]

[Mrs. Chauncey M. Depew]

[Miss (Natalie) Brown]

[Mr. Obrig]

(There were said to be nine portraits exhibited)

1903, Salmagundi Club, New York

[Young Maiden Laughing]

1904, November 23 – December 3, M. KNOEDLER & CO., 355, Fifth Avenue (corner 34th Street), New York. (One Man Show).

 [Judge Alton B. Parker]

[J. Pierpont Morgan]

[James J. Hill]

[Emma Calve]

[Mrs. George Hubbell]

[Mrs. William F. Sheehan]

[Mrs. C.I. Hudson]

[Miss Mabel Satterlee]

[Miss (Constance) Pratt]

[Miss C. Havemeyer]

[George F. Baker]

1905, January 2nd to 22nd, THE ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO, Loan Exhibition of Portraits.

[No.88 – J. Pierpont Morgan]

[No.89 – James J. Hill]

1905, April 11th to end May, JAMES T. GIBBES MEMORIAL MUSEUM ART GALLERY, Charleston, South Carolina, Inaugural Exhibition

[Portrait of Master B] (possibly full-length portrait of Bruce Berckmanns)


1906, February 19th to end March,  JAMES T. GIBBES MEMORIAL MUSEUM ART GALLERY, Charleston, South Carolina, 2nd Annual Spring Exhibition

[Master B] (possibly full-length portrait of Bruce Berckmanns)


1906, March, UNION LEAGUE CLUB, Portraits by Contemporary Artists

[Judge Morgan O’Brien]

1906, December 3–15, M. KNOEDLER & CO., 355 5th Avenue (corner of 34th Street), New York (one man show)

1. The Artist’s Mother [$2500]

2. Mrs. Clark Williams [$4000]

3. Mrs. Daniel Frohman [$4000]

4. The Three Counts Seilern

5. Miss Hollister

6. Judge Morgan O’Brien [$4000]

7. Senator Chauncey M. Depew [$4000]

8. Lord Strathcona [$2500]

(The figures in brackets are values marked on a copy of the exhibition handlist in the former Knoedler Library, New York (Ref: BNEI); The New York Herald, December 8th, 1906, adds ‘the four year old son of Mr. H. O. Havemeyer Jr.’ to the list, but omits Mrs. Daniel Frohman.)

1907, c. March 1st, THE LOTUS CLUB, New York

[Mrs Daniel Frohman]


Mrs. Daniel Frohman (No. 1191)

1908, c. January 4th, THE LOTUS CLUB, Annual Exhibition of Artist Members

39: Portrait of Mlle. [Lina] Cavalieri

1908, January 13–22, M. KNOEDLER & CO., 355 Fifth Avenue, (corner of 34th Street), New York (one man show).

1. His Holiness Pope Pius X

2. Cardinal Merry del Val

3. Bishop Kennedy

4. Mater Dolorosa

5. Count S[eilern]

6. Miss Constance Pratt

7. Miss Madeleine O’Brien

8. Miss Minnie Carr

9. Mr. William Weightman

10. Mrs. Walker

11. Margaret Illington

[12. Lina Cavalieri] – presumably this arrived after January 13th when Lotos Club show closed, as not on printed handlist.

1908, January 18th – February 9th, MINNEAPOLIS SOCIETY OF FINE ARTS, Eighth Annual Exhibition (Travelling Exhibit of the American Art News, New York), Minneapolis Public Library Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota

No. 89: Morning ($900)

1908, Monday, January 27 – Friday, January 31, BENDANN’S ART STORE, BALTIMORE.

[Pope Pius X]

[Cardinal Merry del Val]

[Cardinal Rampolla (A mistake for Bishop Kennedy?)]

[Miss (Minnie) Carr]

[Lina Cavalieri]

1908, Tuesday, February 4th – Wednesday, February 19th, THE CORCORAN GALLERY OF ART, WASHINGTON D.C. (one man show).

 (Northwest Gallery, First Floor)

1. His Holiness Pope Pius X

2. His Excellency Cardinal Merry del Val

3. Most Reverend Bishop Kennedy

4. Count Seilern

5. Miss. M. Carr

6. Mlle. Lina Cavalieri

7. Portrait of the Artist’s Mother

8. Mr. James J. Hill

9. Miss Margherite Illington

1908, February 1908, McCLEES GALLERIES, 1411, Walnut Street, Philadelphia.

[Pope Pius X]

[Cardinal Merry del Val]

[Bishop Kennedy]

[Mr. William Weightman]

[James J. Hill]

[Miss (Minnie) Carr]

[Margaret Illington (Mrs. Daniel Frohman)]

[Lina Cavalieri]

 (And one or two other works)

1908, October  –  November,  NATIONAL ARTS CLUB, Annual Art Exhibition

[Girl with Muff] (probably Miss Carr of St. Louis)


1909,  February,  LOTOS CLUB, 112 West 57th Street, New York

[It is not presently known which work was exhibited]

1910, March 22 – April 30, KÖNIGLICHE AKADEMIE DER KÜNSTE ZU BERLIN, ‘Ausstellung Amerikanischer Kunst’

(also sent to Munich?)

[Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany] (Hors Catalogue).

(The exhibition catalogue does not list any paintings by Muller-Ury, but this may have been because the picture of the Kaiser had not been shipped from America where the other pictures had presumably been catalogued in advance, but had remained in Germany to be exhibited here at the specific request of the Kaiser. However, American Art News, Vol. 8, No. 23, March 19, 1910, p. 1, stated the Muller-Ury had two pictures in the exhibition.)

1910-11, December 21 – January 3, M. KNOEDLER & CO., 355 5th Avenue, New York (one man show).

[H.M. Emperor of Germany]

[His Excellency Cardinal Merry del Val]

[Mr. James J. Hill]

[Count Seilern]

[Mr. Lewis Nixon]

[Miss Marion Hopkins]

[Mrs. Charles Childs]

[The Angelus]

1911, February 25 – c. March 2, The LOTOS CLUB, 110 West 57th Street, New York, Members’ Display.

[‘A good portrait’ according to American Art News, Vol. 9, No. 20, February 25, 1911, p. 6]

1912, February 17 – c. 23, The LOTOS CLUB, 110, West 57th Street, New York – Artists’ Display.

[Unknown work]

1912, c. June,  THE RALSTON GALLERIES, 567, Fifth Avenue, New York

[A Modern Madonna]

1913, March 31 – April 12, M. KNOEDLER & CO., 556-558 5th Avenue, New York (one man show)

1. Portrait Study of H.M. Emperor of Germany

2. Hon. George Rives

3. His Eminence Cardinal Farley

4. H. J. Cole Esq.

5. H. O. Havemeyer Esq.

6. Miss Olga Kohler

7. Miss French

8. Misses Kohler

9. Master Fritz Havemeyer

10. Miss & Master Cutler

11. Miss Potter

12. Miss Whitman

13. Miss Gardner Brown

14. Mater Dolorosa

15. Miss L. D.

16. Mrs. Henschel

1916, February 14 – 26, THE RALSTON GALLERIES, 567, 5th Avenue, New York.

[Miss. A. Read]

(Along with thirteen other artists’ works, including William M. Chase and Irving Wiles)

1916, October, THE LOTOS CLUB, 110 West 57th Street, New York.

[Thomas Watt Gregory]

1917, c. February 24 to March 3, RALSTON GALLERIES, 567 Fifth Avenue, New York

[Mrs. Dewees W. Dilworth]


1917, January/February, HENRY REINHARDT & SON, 565, Fifth Avenue, New York

[Mrs. Dewees W. Dilworth]

1918, January 7–12, HENRY REINHARDT & SON, 565 Fifth Avenue, New York.

Madam Pardo y Barreda and Daughter

1918, February 23–26, THE LOTOS CLUB, 110 West 57th Street, New York.


1918, May, M. KNOEDLER & CO., 556, Fifth Avenue, New York

[President Woodrow Wilson making his “War Speech”]


1918, May 11th – 25th, ANDERSON GALLERIES, Park Avenue and 59th Street, New York   –   Exhibition of Art Donated for the benefit of the American-British-French-Belgium Permanent Blind Relief War Fund

244: Young Dutch Girl  9 x 11 ¾ – Donated by the artist.

1918, THE RALSTON GALLERY, 567, Fifth Avenue, New York.

[The Late John Cardinal Farley]

1919 –  Saturday evening February 15 and following daysLOTOS CLUB

Exhibition of Paintings by Artist Members of the Lotos Club.

34: Portrait of Mrs. D. (possibly Mrs  Dewees W. Dilworth)

1919, Autumn?, 559, Fifth Avenue, New York

(possibly Midtown Galleries Co-operative; later John Levy Galleries)

[Cardinal Mercier]


1921   –   February   –   LOTOS CLUB, New York

[Cardinal Mercier]

1923, GUMP’S, San Francisco.

[Archbishop Edward Hanna]

1925, April 6 – April 18, DUVEEN GALLERIES, 720 5th Avenue, New York (one man show).

1. His Holiness Pope Pius XI

2. His Holiness Pope Benedict XV

3. His Eminence Cardinal Hayes

4. The Late Benjamin Altman

5. The Late J. Pierpont Morgan

6. The Late James J. Hill

7. Miss “X” [Miss Dorothy Duveen]

8. Mrs. Samuel Valentine

9. Mrs. D. W. Dilworth

10. Miss Carlotta Havemeyer

11. Miss G. K. Birge

12. Roses [Miss Peters Baumet?]

13. Lady with Parrot

14. Miss Hopkins

15. Mrs. Pikins

16. Miss Mary Reisinger

17. Miss C. H.

18. Miss Ludlow

19. Miss Susanne Steel

20. Mother

21. Still Life

1933, January or February?, THE COWIE GALLERY, THE BILTMORE HOTEL, Los Angeles, California

[Portrait Study of H.M. Emperor of Germany]

[The Artist’s Sister]

(Presumably there were more portraits and rose paintings)

1937, April 20 – May 4, WILDENSTEIN & CO., INC., 19 East 64th Street, New York (one man show).


1. Pope Pius XI

2. Cardinal Mercier

3. Miss Marion Hopkins

4. Mrs. Wells

5. Mr. H.O. Havemeyer

6. Cardinal Patrick Hayes

7. Judge Morgan O’Brien

8. Mr. Lawrence Elliman

9. Mr. James J. Hill

10. Mrs. John Baldwin

11. Mrs. D. Dilworth

12. Miss Lydia Lee

13. The Artist’s Sister

14. Miss H—

15. The Three Roses and Lady

16. Miss Baker

17. Miss Carlotta Havemeyer

18. Lady with Parrot

19. Dreams

20. Mrs. S. Landon Trippe

21. Miss Margaret Rives

22. Mrs. H. O. Havemeyer, Jr.

23. Mrs. John B. Shelley


24. Mother of Sorrow

25. The Angelus

26. The Nativity

27. Madonna and Child


28. Roses in Powder Blue Vase for Over Mantelpiece

29. Chinese God of Longevity with Plate

30. Italian Still Life

31. French Still Life

32. Roses in Famille Noir Chinese Vase with Buddha Statue

33. Red Roses in Black Oval Frame

34. Apple Green Vase with Roses and Cup

35. Red Roses in Large White Vase with Dragons

36. Apple Green Vase – Red Roses – Yellow Curtain

37. Red Roses – In White Dragon Vase – Red and Gold Brocade on Table

38. Pale Pink Roses – White-Greenish Vase – Blue Chinese Drapery

39. Chinese Vase with Blue Willow Design

40. Pink Roses – Blue Chinese Vase with Bird

41. Pale Pink Roses – Grey and Green Vase

42. Pale Pink Roses – White and Blue Dragon Vase

43. Apple Green Vase – Talisman Roses

44. Yellow Roses – Jade Green Vase – Black Frame

45. Apple Green Vase – Pink Los Angeles Roses

46. Grey Vase – Blue Willow Design – Briarcliff Roses

47. White and Greenish Vase – Variegated Pink Roses – Blue Chinese Embroidery

48. White Vase with Dragon – Briarcliff Roses

49. Red Roses – Powder Blue Vase

50. Still Life – God of Good Luck with Camelias

51. Summer Evening Bathing

52. Light Greenish-Grey Vase – Lavender Pink Roses – Red Gold Cover

53. Pink Roses – Blue and Green Chinese Vase

54. Red Roses – Hawthorne Vase

55. Roses – Powder Blue Vase

(The Harbor Press Ephemera Collection at Amherst College Archives and Special Collections, Robert Frost Library, Amherst MA, USA, has another copy of the handlist in SUBSERIES: Printing for Art (Exhibits, dealers, etc.) Box 2, Folder 5.)

1943, May 5–19, GRAND CENTRAL ART GALLERIES, New York, ‘Portraits of Yesterday and Today.

(No. 11) Elbridge Thomas Gerry

(No. 23) J. P. Morgan

1944, March 7 – April 4, WILDENSTEIN GALLERY, New York, ‘Stars of Yesterday & Today’, Section: Contemporary Portraits by Contributing Artists.

[(No. 26) Jessica Dragonette]

1947, April 21 – May 3, FRENCH & COMPANY, 210 East 57th Street, New York (one man show).

1. Pope Pius X

2. Pope Benedict XV

3. Pope Pius XI

4. Pope Pius XII

5. Cardinal Mercier

6. Cardinal Meri del Val

7. Cardinal Spellman

8. Pres. McKinley

9. Pres. Wilson

10. Pres. Guissepa [sic: Giuseppe] Motta of Switzerland

11. Lord Duveen

12. Mr. Pierpont Morgan

13. Judge Morgan O’Brien

14. Judge Timothy A. Leary

15. Mr. James J. Hill

16. Mr. Lawrence Elliman

17. Mrs. Theodore Havemeyer

18. Carlotta Havemeyer

19. Ruth Havemeyer

20. Miss Mary McKee (Mrs. Reisinger)

21. Mildred Townsend (Mrs. H. Glendenning)

22. Mrs. Walter Stillman

23. Mrs. A. Wells

24. Mrs. Jos. C. Bossong

25. Count Antoinne [sic] Seiler[n]

26. Lydia Lee

27. Jessica Dragonette

28. Nadea Loftus

29. Blonde Canadian with Dog

30. Miss L. Reed




Imperial Potentate Roses [39 ($4500)]

in the Dragon Vase

Belle of Portugal Roses [44 ($2000)]

in the Famille Noir

Briarcliff Roses [35 ($2000)]

in the Apple Green Vase

Variety of Roses [32 ($3750)]

in the Famille Noir

Belle of Portugal Roses [38 ($2000)]

Black Vase

Pernet Roses [37 ($3750)]

Bisque Statuette

Red Roses, Imperial Potentate [40 ($3750)]

“Goddess of Heaven” Statuette

Yellow Roses [31 ($4500)]

“Goddess of Heaven”

Briarcliff Roses [36 ($2625)]

Grey & Blue Vase

Romeo Roses [33 ($1125)]

Juliet Roses [34 ($1625)]

Variety of Roses [45 ($2250)]

Powder Blue Vase with Lunette

[Briarcliff Roses 42 ($1500)]

[Pernet Roses 43 ($1125)]

 (The numbers, values, and two additions are from an annotated handlist formerly in the possession of Jessica Dragonette)

1950, June 29 – November 19, NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART, Washington D.C., ‘Makers of History in Washington 1800 – 1950’.

Mrs. Woodrow Wilson

1968, NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART, Washington D.C., ‘This New Man: A Discourse in Portraits’.

Lillian Russell (pastel)

2000, NEWPORT ART MUSEUM, Rhode Island, ‘Newportraits’.

Master Frederick Havemeyer

2000-2003, GEORGE BUSH PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY AND MUSEUM, College Station, Texas (touring to six other US venues), ‘Portraits of the Presidents: The National Portrait Gallery’.

President William McKinley (standing version)


Gertrude Colburn’s poem which accompanied her cast of the artist’s hands.