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A photograph of the artist taken at the Waldorf Astoria c. 1900.

Muller-Ury is known to have painted many pictures in a variety of genres of which the one he returned to most often was the female nude. At the start of his career he would paint a quintessential piece of Swiss Heimatkunst called Alpenrose and Edelweiss, which in 1905 he gave to the museum in Altdorf, but he also painted small pictures of women seated in a landscape, experimenting with emulating other artists and periods, as well as occasionally painting animals and other subjects.

The list of exhibited pictures on this website includes a few pictures by the artist that could have been portraits, or might have been considered genre, like Pensive, first exhibited at the KRAUSHAAR GALLERIES in 1901, and The Three Roses and Lady exhibited at WILDENSTEIN & CO. INC. in 1937. As these are the only references to the pictures they have not been given presently a separate entry in the catalogue.

A fairly large number of pictures have passed through the salerooms since 1947 with titles given to them which could imply that they were genre paintings, but again it has been thought better presently not to overload the catalogue with pictures about which we have virtually no other information than the sale catalogue entries.