The Baby Goat has Broken his Foot (Das Zicklein hat den Fuss gebrochen)

Oil on canvas, 43.5 X 35.5cms, monogram lower left.
Genre painting from the mountains: ‘The Baby Goat has broken his foot.’ A shepherd girl, walking down to the valley with goats and sheep; she carries an injured kid on her arm.
“Genrebild aus den Bergen: Das Zicklein hat den Fuss gebrochen». Hirtenmädchen, mit Ziegen und Schafen zu Tal schreitend; es trägt ein verunfalltes Zicklein auf dem Arm.”

Private Collection.
Estate sale of Dr. Theodor Engelmann and others, Kunsthaus Pro Arte, Basel, 14-16 March, 1932, Lot 261 (Illustrated Plate 12 in catalogue), (sold 14 March).The price list is published in Weltkunst for Year 6, No. 13, March 27, 1932 says it sold for 420 Swiss francs.

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This picture may well be correct as it was painted at the start of Muller-Ury’s career and remained in a private collection in Switzerland until sold in 1932. Doubt may be cast on this, however, as it is not known that the artist ever monogrammed his work, but at the start of his career when he was experimenting with genres and signatures anything seems possible.