CHILDS, Mrs Charles (Jennie P. Clark)

Oval, bust-length.

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

M. KNOEDLER & CO, 355, Fifth Avenue, New York, December 21, 1910 – January 3, 1911.

New York Herald, December 28, 1910
New York American, January 2, 1911


The sitter was Jennie P. Clark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bainbridge Clark, and lived at 26 East 56th Street, New York, in 1911.

She first married Charles B. Fosdick in New York on 11 April 1878, but divorced him in 1884 for cruelty. She had two children by the marriage, Clark Fosdick and Paulding Fosdick (1882-1967?). She then married Charles A. Childs, a paint dealer, of 225 Pearl Street. On 4 December 1891 at Tarreytown, NY. In February 1904 she lived at 26 East 49th Street, New York; they possessed property at Newport, RI. He died in Brooklyn, NY December 1913 and she died there in December 1935.

Her son Paulding Fosdick married Katherine Yoakum in 1909, and had one daughter Anita Yoakum Fosdick. Clark Fosdick in 1918 married Linda H. Orne.

The family apparently disappears from the NY Social Register in 1922.

I am grateful to Lt. Col. John Ryan, US Marine Corps (Rtd.) of Fallbrook CA for assistance with this entry.