CLARK, Edward Andrews

Present Whereabouts Unknown


The sitter was a mining investor.

Painted in 1911. A letter dated May 8, 1911, written from Fairholme, Jamaica Plain, Boston, in the artist’s papers, reads as follows:

‘My dear Mr. Muller-Ury,

You will be glad to hear I know, that everyone is most enthusiastic about the portrait, not a criticism, nothing but the best things are said about it. We were so concerned about Mr. Clark when you were here that we rather neglected the portrait, but we are perfectly delighted with it and it couldn’t be better. We love what is unusual, a beautiful picture and a wonderful likeness. Mr. Clark is feeling better and if he is all right we shall go to New York this week, if not, then the week after when we shall hope to see you.

                                                            Very cordially yours,

                                                                        Elizabeth F. Clark.’    

The sitter unfortunately died at 35, Commonwealth Avenue, Boston on March 7, 1922.

Mrs. Elizabeth French Clark lived in 1923 at 169 Beacon Street, Boston. Her children Edward, Geoffrey, and Anne Helen Olivia Clark (born Newport, 1904) – lived with her. She sold the house in late 1926.

In 1929 Mrs. Edward Andrews Clark was living at 410 Park Avenue. Her daughter, Anne Helen Olivia Clark, was married to Alfred Gerard Tuckerman (1901-1970) of New York, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Carey Tuckerman of Honolulu and Colldongan, Milton, N.Y. He was later a Major General in the Second World War.