Present Whereabouts Unknown.

DURAND-RUEL GALLERIES, 389, Fifth Avenue, New York, March 1 – 15, 1897.

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New York Press, August 30, 1896
New York Sun, September 6, 1896
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New York Times, March 2, 1897

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The sitter was born in Baltimore on 29 September, 1843, and married Annie Ward Davenport on June 17, 1874; they had three children: Henry Davenport, Clement, Elsie (Mrs. Robert G. Mead). They lived in New York where Dr. Cleveland was a consultant surgeon at, amongst other places, the Memorial Hospital (1882-1934). In 1917 they lived at 925 Park Avenue, New York City.

The portrait was painted in 1896 at Newport, Rhode Island.