EHRET, Mrs Louis and Louis Ehret Jr.

Seated to the right under a tree her son leaning towards her, a landscape beyond to the left.

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

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Mrs. Louis John Ehret was Madeline Virginia Donahue (born about 1891), and she married Louis Ehret (born 16 March 1891, died 16 April 1950) in 1908; the little boy Louis J. Ehret Jr was born about 1911.   (Madeleine Donahue was actually Louis’s sister-in-law, as her brother Charles D. Donahue married Julia A. Ehret ten years earlier).  They had two other children, George (born about 1914) and Virginia (born about 1917).

The Ehret fortune was made in brewing (The Hell Gate Brewery, established 1866, closed 1929, after George Ehret Jr. died that year), and an Ehret at least once married with a Ruppert, also brewers. 

Interestingly, according to The New York Times, 28 February 1909 they were presented shortly after their marriage to Pope Pius X by Muller-Ury’s friend Bishop Thomas Kennedy of the North American College the previous day, and the Pope reminded them that an uncle of theirs was formerly rector of the college (this was apparently a Monsignor Hasslocher).