HAMMER, Bernhard

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

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Eduard Fischer, Bundesrat Bernhard Hammer, Solothurn, undated but probably published in 1970 (reproduced as colour frontispiece, probably a detail)

Bernhard Hammer was born in Olten, Switzerland, on March 3, 1822.  He was elected representative of Solothurn on December 10, 1875, and was in the Department of Finance from 1876-1878, in the latter year being elected Vice-President.  In 1879 whilst in the Political Department he became President of Switzerland, and from 1880-1890 was again in the Finance Department.  He was again Vice President in 1888 and President in 1889.  He left office on December 31st, 1890 and died on April 6, 1907.

On p. 390 of the Fischer biography it is wrongly stated that the picture was painted in 1889, and was by Müller d’Ury, which may be how the artist signed the work, though this seems unlikely for 1887-88.

At the second National Art Exhibition held in the Bern Kunstmuseum in 1892, Muller-Ury exhibited the portraits of the parents-in-law of ex-Federal Councillor Hammer, Johann Friedrich Frölicher and Berta Barbara Frölicher-Lack of Solothurn (Nos. 190 and 191, Herr und Frau Frölicher, according to Der Bund, Bern, May 14, 1892).   Anna Frölicher (1859-1910) became Hammer’s second wife in 1884; they had two children.