HAVEMEYER, Frederick Christian, Jr. in a Landscape

Frederick Havemeyer standing in a landscape in front of copse of trees and a gabled and shuttered wood clad house with a verandah (Thoggs Neck, Winchester County, NY?)

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

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The sitter was born on 5 February 1807 and died 28 July 1891. He married Sarah Louise (Henderson) Havemeyer (1812-1851) and was the father of Henry Osborne Havemeyer (1847-1907) and Theodore A. Havemeyer (1839-1897) who followed in his footsteps in the sugar refining business in Brooklyn (his business partner was his cousin William Frederick Havemeyer (1804-1874). He was buried in Brooklyn.

According to a letter dated May 25, 1893 (artist’s papers) from Theodore Havemeyer, writing on note paper from 117 Wall Street, New York, the picture was a ‘…landscape with my father in the foreground…’ and was sent by the artist to that address, which was Mr. Havemeyer’s office. This may be the picture for which Muller-Ury charged $1,000.00 according to a letter from Theodore Havemeyer on the same note paper dated July 11, 1893; the money was used to purchase shares in ‘Sugar Common’, a transaction handled by Messrs. E.C. Potter & Co. In this letter he writes, ‘I think the picture you have made is about as well done as it could be with simply a photograph to guide you. I like it and am satisfied with it.’