HUNTINGTON, Mrs. Collis P. (Arabella Worsham; later Mrs Henry Edwards Huntington)

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

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An unnamed and undated cutting in the artist’s papers placed amongst the cuttings for early 1895, states that ‘Mr. Muller-Ury, who has painted portraits of two-thirds of New York’s beautiful and fashionable women, is to do one of Mrs. Huntington early in the Fall.’ This sitter was at the time the wife of Collis P. Huntington and lived on Fifth Avenue at 57th Street. The article says that she had had four full-lengths painted of herself including one by Cabanel, Muller-Ury’s purported master, which is now in San Francisco. Nothing more is known, but it is not impossible that he painted her and that the picture was destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.