KOHLER, Olga Veronica (Later Mrs Nils Florman; Mrs Miglietta, and Mrs Emerson McMillin III)

Three-quarter length, standing holding a dog, with cloudy sky for background.

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

M. KNOEDLER & CO, 556-558, Fifth Avenue, New York, March 31 – April 12, 1913, No. 6.

New York Herald, April 2, 1913
American Art News, April 5, 1913
Brooklyn Eagle, April 6, 1913
New Yorker Staats Zeitung, April 6, 1913

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Olga Kohler was born in Yonkers in 1894, the eldest daughter of Charles Kohler, piano manufacturer, and apparently had three husbands: Nils Forman, born November 7, 1887/9, in Stockholm, Sweden, and died November 4, 1960, after their marriage in 1914 a jewellery salesman, by whom she had a son, Nils (Neil) Florman; then a Mr Miglietta; lastly, Emerson McMillin III, born August 19, 1894, and died December 27, 1935, grandson of capitalist Emerson McMillin. She died in 1945. Her son, Nils Kohler Florman Jr. (born 18 January 1915, died 25 April 1984) married Dorothy Healy (born October 23, 1918, and died January 6, 1998).

Finished in 1913. It was surely Muller-Ury’s success at painting the two youngest daughters of Charles Kohler that he also received the commission to paint Olga. The following letter in the artist’s papers, dated January 22, 1913, and written on the notepaper of ‘Kohler & Campbell Piano Manufacturers’ who had factories at Eleventh Avenue and Fiftieth Street, New York, says:

‘Dear Mr. Ury:

The portrait which you painted of my daughter Miss Olga has been received.  To say that we are greatly pleased with this work of art fails to express it.

Mrs. Kohler and myself both consider it a masterpiece, and we are greatly indebted to you for having produced such a wonderful picture.

I take pleasure in enclosing herein check in settlement for same, and thanking, remain,

            Very truly yours, Charles Kohler.’