Madonna & Child

Profiled head of Madonna dressed in white, with gold ‘Trecento-style’ tooling creating the halos. Signed and dated upper right ‘A. Muller Uri 88’, and lower right ‘A. Muller-Uri’.

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

James J. Hill, St. Paul, Minnesota; possibly Gertrude Hill.

KUNSTMUSEUM, Bern, Switzerland: c. March 18 – April 18, 1888
International Fine Arts Exhibition, Munich, Germany, July? 1888
KUNSTMUSEUM, Bern, Switzerland: 2nd National Art Exhibition of Pictures by Swiss Artists, Spring 1892.

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This picture was published as a print for framing by Verlag von Franz Hanfstaengl, Munchen, Germany, and by Geo. Kirchner & Co., New York, in 1889 and was No. 4678 in their catalogue. It was consequently widely distributed. In Town & Country, August 22, 1903, S. E. Leisha said of the picture that ‘…In Germany, one of Mr. Ury’s Madonnas has been photographed and the reproduction is one of the most popular of these religious pictures published.’ Town & Country, December 12, 1903, specifically says it belongs to James J. Hill.