Modern Madonna

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

New York Recorder, Sunday, January 29, 1893
The American University Magazine, Vol. II, No. 1, May 1895 (reproduced).

Possibly RALSTON GALLERIES, 567, Fifth Avenue, New York, 1912, as reported on December 21, 1912, in American Art News, Vol. 11, No. 11, p.11, New York unless he gave another more recent picture this title.

The New York Recorder’s description of the picture would fit the picture reproduced in the American University Magazine: ‘A modern Madonna, in a green figured India silk and a Marie Antoinette fichu, with a halo around her head, may sound slightly incongruous. But as an expression of motherhood the Madonna is always interesting, and Mr. F. Miller Ury has given this very modern one a beautiful face, though it does somewhat suggest a bright society girl. It is very good in color and technique, but one can’t help wishing he had left off the nimbus. Halos and lace-filled fichus in combination are not at all impossible; but they seem so to the physical eye.’