MOUNT STEPHEN, Lady (Gian Tufnell)

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

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The sitter was the daughter of Captain Robert George Tufnell, R. N. and married Lord Mount Stephen in London on 27 November, 1897 in her thirtieth year; he was 69 years old.  She had been a lady-in-waiting to the Duchess of Teck, who had recently died, and was a lifelong friend and confidant of Queen Mary.

There is a letter (Hill Papers: James J. Hill Reference Library, St. Paul) from the artist, written on June 13, 1898 from Pembroke Studios, Kensington, London, in which he writes the following:

‘…As soon back here I went to see Lord Mount Stephen & made arrangement for sittings – he desired to be painted at 16 James Street & so I did. The portrait is nearly finished & he is so pleased with it, that he is thinking of having a ¾ lengt(h) done for himself – I brought the portrait to my studio so as to finish it –

He came with Lady Mount Stephen few days ago & told me that he wants her Ladyship painted (& probably at Brocket Hall) – Naturally if they are pleased already now they will like the portrait even better when real finished…’

In the letter from the artist in his London studio in Pembroke Gardens, Kensington, dated October 14th, 1898 (Hill Papers: James J. Hill Reference Library, St. Paul) the artist writes to Hill that ‘…Last week I went to Brocket Hall to paint two watercolor sketches wich (sic) I presented to her Ladyship.’ But there is no mention of the portrait of the second Lady Mount Stephen. Did he ever paint this?