Half-length, holding a posy of flowers. Crimson background. Oil on canvas, 28.3/4” x 23” (73 cm x 58.5 cm), signed upper right ‘A. Muller Ury’.

Historisches Museum von Uri, Altdorf, Switzerland.

Pair to the portrait of her husband Gustav Muheim, but evidently a year or so later. The artist has changed his signature here from ‘Uri’ to ‘Ury’, and under strong light it becomes clear that he has used red paint to cover over the date 1889.

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The black-edged card printed after the sitter’s death.

She was born Anna Josefa Karolina Amantia Arnold in Altdorf, Switzerland, in 1859 to Josef Anton Maria Alois Gabriel Arnold (born 1825) and Maria Anna Josefa Amantia Carolina Arnold (born Muheim in 1835). She married Gustav Georg Felix Muheim (born 1851) in 1884. They had three children. She died in 1899.