OELRICHS, Mrs Charles May (Blanche de Loosey)

Profile portrait.

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

DURAND-RUEL GALLERIES, 389, Fifth Avenue, New York, March 1 – 15, 1897.

Mail and Express, New York, February 27, 1897
New Yorker Staats Zeitung, February 28, 1897
New York World, April 18th, 1897 (reproduced)

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Mrs Charles May Oelrichs (Blanche de Loosey) (1857-1932) and Mrs Theodore Havemeyer were sisters. Her husband Charles, whom she married in 1880, was born on August 27, 1858 in Baltimore, the son of German born Henry Ferdinand Oelrichs (1810–1875), a senior partner in the firm of Oelrichs & Lurman, and Julia Matilda May Oelrichs (1819–1879), who was born in Washington. Charles Oelrichs was a member of the New York Stock Exchange with the firm E. C. Potter Co. The firm was later known as C. M. Oelrichs & Co., which was in business for sixteen years until his retirement in 1912. His siblings included Hermann Oelrichs an agent of Norddeutsche Lloyd shipping who married Theresa Alice Fair, daughter of Comstock Lode millionaire Senator James Fair. Upon his brother’s death in 1906, Charles inherited the bulk of his estate.

They had four children:

Natalie “Lily” Oelrichs (1880–1931), who married polo player Peter D. Martin of San Francisco. After his death, she married Heinrich Borwin, Duke of Mecklenburg (1885–1942), the son of Duke Paul Frederick of Mecklenburg and Prince Marie of Windisch-Graetz in 1915. They divorced in 1921.

Charles de Loosey Oelrichs (1882–1973), who married Marjorie Ramely Turnbull (1883–1952), sister of suffragette Alison Turnbull Hopkins.

Henry Edmond Oelrichs (1883–1944), who married Esther Moreland (1890–1941).

Blanche Marie Louise Oelrichs (1890–1950), the poet and playwright who married, and divorced, three times, to Leonard Moorhead Thomas, John Barrymore (1882–1942), and Harrison Tweed (1885–1969).