PERKINS, Charles Elliott

Presumably bust-length profile, facing to the right. Oil on canvas, 26.1/2” x 31.1/2”.

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

Des Moines Leader, January 17, 1909.

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Perkins was born in Cincinnati on November 24, 1840, and removed to Burlington, Iowa in 1859. He was cashier, assistant treasurer and superintendent of the Burlington & Northern Railway Company from 1859 – 1881, and President of the C.B. & Q. Railway Company 1881 – 1901 (Director 1901 – 1907). He died in Westwood, Massachusetts on November 8, 1907.

Perhaps painted in 1908. The artist painted the first picture of Elliott for James J. Hill for the Burlington offices in New York (Hill Papers). He was commissioned to paint a replica which is now in the State Historical Socity of Iowa and sent there in December 1908. This is confirmed by the Des Moines Leader for January 17, 1909, which announced the picture was a replica sent by Mrs. Perkins.