Portrait of Balthasar Carlos, Son of Philip III (Copy after Velasquez)

Present Whereabouts Unknown

Plaza Art Galleries, 9-11, East 59th Street, New York, on Friday, November 28, 1947, Sale 2809, Lot 121. There it is stated that the picture is signed by Muller-Ury. (Fetched $15.00 – marked copy in Frick Art Reference Library)

A letter from the artist director of the Prado, Madrid, Jose Villegas, dated April 24, 1913, in the artist’s papers, gives the artist permission to copy this picture from May 10.

In her autobiography Faith is a Song (p. 240), Jessica Dragonette, in describing her first visit to the artist’s studio in 1940, says, ‘On the walls were several copies of paintings by Velasquez: Don Carlos on horseback and the artist painting the infanta. Muller-Ury had copied the pictures in Spain and kept them as technical reference.’