GILBERT, Mrs. Riley Miles (Annie Ruffin Williams)


Present Whereabouts Unknown.

American Art News, New York, Vol. 10, No. 25, March 30, 1912, p. 3


Riley Miles Gilbert was born about 1847 in Ohio. He married as his second wife, Annie Ruffin Williams on February 7, 1893 in Richmond Virginia. Annie was born about 1862 in Richmond, Virginia, daughter of David Terry and Sally Wilmouth (Williams) Williams. They had three children, Annie (1894), Mary Frances (1896) and Riley Miles, Jr. (August 1902). In 1895 Riley was President of The King, Gilbert and Warner Company, manufacturers and dealers in pig and bar iron, steel and steel rails. When the National Steel Company was formed in 1899, Riley was Vice President. The company headquarters were in New York. National Steel Company was part of the 1901 merger that created U.S. Steel, at one time the largest steel producer and largest corporation in the world. In 1900 the Gilberts were living in Manhattan, New York City, on West 53rd Street. He died August 22, 1909 at his summer home at Bolton Landing, Lake George, New York.

American Art News almost certainly gets the name muddled calling the sitter Mrs Miles Gilbert Riley.