RIVES, Margaret


Present whereabouts unknown.

WILDENSTEIN & CO., 19, East 64th Street, New York, April 20 – May 4, 1937, as No. 21, ‘Miss Margaret Rives.’

New York Mirror, April 21, 1937

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According to his diary on June 10 1936, Muller-Ury wrote: ‘I hear that Bayard Rives has to have an operation to take out his gall bladder and I am worried that they will not let me do a portrait of the daughter now – and I am disappointed!’

But later entries, reveal Muller-Ury began work on the portrait on October 8, 1936, had a first sitting on October 9, 1936, and worked on the portrait on October 12, 14, 15, 19, 1936, specifically on the head and shoulders on October 20, 1936, had a sitting on October 22, 1936, worked on the portrait on October 26, 1936, had a sitting on November 17, 1936, and mentions having yet another sitting from ‘Miss Marg. Rives (Peggy)’ on December 3, 1936.

The sitter is presumably the daughter of Francis Bayard Rives (born 1890) and Margaret Leigh Hunt (born 1893) and was Margaret Leigh Rives (later Mrs Rand).