ROBERTS, William Culver

Half-length, oval, as a child, wearing a cream coloured coat with braided and toggled fastenings, with a black velvet collar, and a white fur hat. No hands showing. Oil on canvas, an oval within a square gilded frame.

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

Mrs. James J. Gallo, Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA.

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The sitter was born on December 20, 1900, and in 1936 married Lisa M. Potter, daughter of Edward C. Potter Jr. (the grand-daughter of Edward C. Potter Sr. and Emily B. Havemeyer [1865-1938]; Emily B. Havemeyer was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Havemeyer). He died in August 1992.

He published the immensely popular book The Boy’s Account of It: A Chronicle of Foreign Travel by an Eight-Year Old in 1909.