SATTERLEE, Mabel Morgan (Later Mrs Francis Abbott Ingalls II)

An oval portrait as a girl, wearing a frilled hat of pale blue.

Present whereabouts unknown

M. KNOEDLER & CO., 355, Fifth Avenue (corner 34th Street), New York, November 23 – December 3, 1904

Town Topics, December 1, 1904
Financial Times, December 3, 1904
Town & Country, December 3, 1904

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The sitter was born on August 13, 1901, and married Francis Abbott Ingalls II on September 19, 1926.  She was the grand-daughter of J. Pierpont Morgan, whose daughter Louisa Morgan (1866-1946) in 1900 married lawyer Herbert Satterlee (1863-1947). She became a respected physician. She died in New York in 28 December 1993.

Louisa Satterlee recorded in her diary (Morgan Library/Satterlee Papers) that on Monday, May 16, 1904 she had gone to see Muller-Ury’s portrait of her daughter Mabel, which on Saturday, May 28, 1904 he took to Cragston, the Morgan estate on the Hudson, to finish over the weekend.

On July 11, 1904 Herbert Satterlee wrote to the artist, who was painting presidential candidate Judge Alton B. Parker at Esopus, New York, giving him instructions on how to contact his father-in-law about sittings for a second three-quarter seated portrait (artist’s papers), and said that this portrait of Mabel was complimented by Morgan himself.