Self-Portrait in Old Age (Partial Copy after Titian)

Oil on canvas, 30″ x 20.1/8″ (76.1 cm x 51.1 cm). On the back of the canvas the artist has painted “Madrid 15-21 June 19(the date is faded)”. A label on the stretcher reads ‘—nal de Pintura y Escultura’ and below ‘Abonolos de [numero de la copie] 369’.

Private Collection, Amsteg, Switzerland.

The artist; Ines Tresch-Müller after 1947; her son, Peter-Andreas Tresch; by Descent.

The original picture from which this copy was made is the Prado Museum in Madrid (INV. 407), and measures 86 x 69 cm, and which was painted between 1562 and 1565.