SMITH, Mrs Courtland (Elinor Cary)

Present whereabouts unknown.


The sitter (born 1888) married Courtland Smith in July 1912 in Buffalo. They were later divorced and in 1929 he married again. They had three children: Evelyn, Orlando Jay and Archie B. Her husband was President of the American Press Association 1908-1921. He became involved in the Film Industry and later produced the first sound newsreel for Fox Movietone; he even opened the first newsreel theatre in 1929. He was President of Pathe News, Inc. 1930-37.

In the artist’s papers, is the following letter, written from Bonniview, Dobbs Ferry-on-Hudson, dated August 1912 in the artist’s hand, and reading as follows:

‘My dear Mr. Muller-Ury,

I never could tell you how pleased we are with the portrait and how much we appreciate such a wonderful gift of your time and genius. I enjoyed posing for it — the time went so quickly in talking with you and everything was so beautiful in your studio.

Words seem so poor and inadequate to express how much we both feel about the wonderful thing you have done for us. I can only say that we thank you over and over again and hope you will know how grateful we are and how delighted.

       With kind regards, I am

                Sincerely yours, Elinor Cary Smith.’