SORGANTINI, Cesare (1910)

A man with a moustache, dressed in white with a white hat, wearing black boots and carrying a cane, seated on steps in an Italianate landscape (Como?). Oil on canvas, 58 x 50 cms, signed and dated lower right ‘Souvenir d’amitié A. Muller-Ury 1910’. Inscribed on back panel with the name of the sitter.

Private Collection, Rome, Italy.

By descent from his grandmother who lived in Valtellina near Sondrio in northern Italy not far from the Swiss border, to Fabio C. Tagliente of Rome (2016).


The back of the picture states that Cesare Sorgantini was born in 1843 and died in 1928.

We know Muller-Ury was in Andermatt in Switzerland in 1910, as there is a photograph of him walking with friends there in his papers, and of course he would have known other Italian speaking people who lived near the Ticino, where he was born and had family, and some friends and acquaintances probably lived near Lago di Como, so it is very likely that he visited Northern Italy and the Italian Lakes that summer.