Portrait of a Member of the Roper Family (Copy after Pourbus)

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

In his diary for 1934, Müller-Ury noted that Miss Grace Roper, the daughter of Daniel Calhoun Roper (1867-1943) the Secretary of State for Commerce in Washington under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933-1938), brought him a picture by Pourbus of a member of the Roper family on October 6, to be copied, and on October 9 he began to do this. He worked on the black robe on October 10, and worked on it again on October 15 and 19. Miss Roper came to lunch on December 18 to collect the picture. Miss Roper, later married to Frank Bohn, was a descendent of Sir Thomas More’s daughter Margaret, Mrs. William Roper.

Muller-Ury travelled to Europe in 1936 on The Manhattan and wrote in his diary on July 19, 1936 that ‘Daniel C. Roper and I are good company…’